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There's something ritualistic about the wedding cake. In Roman times, the groom would break a loaf of wedding bread over the bride's head (the guests scrambling for crumbs) and in other eras newlyweds would kiss over a stack of sweet buns. Today, friends and family, young and old all partake of the same many-tiered wedding cake and mark a sweet end to a communal San Francisco celebration (with or without the playful newlywed cake smash).

Since newlyweds customarily freeze the top layer of wedding cake to eat a year later on their first anniversary, it makes even more sense to get a wedding cake you love. Even grooms are getting a revival of an old wedding cake tradition. The groom cake, traditionally made with fruits, is coming into fashion at rehearsal dinners.

When ordering a San Francisco wedding cake, it is important to keep in mind how many guests will attend, if the cake will be all one flavor throughout and if the cake will be served as part of a sit-down dessert or cut and set on a sweet table. It is a good rule of thumb to order the wedding cake at least six weeks in advance of your San Francisco wedding.

Whatever your San Francisco wedding cake fancy, cosmopolitan San Francisco has a wedding cake for any wedding. From simple wedding cakes to veritable works of art in flour and sugar, from classic flavors to wild combinations, San Francisco wedding cake specialists will ensure that your San Francisco wedding makes the most of a beloved tradition.

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Featured Wedding Cake Bakery's

Cake Coquette

Cake Coquette

World-Class Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes

By Appointment Only
Praised by renowned wedding publications, Cake Coquette is a choice destination for San Francisco wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes and artistic cakes for special occasions. Owner Gabrielle Feuersinger is one of the most innovative and talented cake designers around. Using only the finest ingredients and drawing inspiration from such sources as the palace at Versailles, the tropics, Spanish lace, vintage art and even the ballpark, San Francisco cake bakery Cake Coquette can deliver delicious cakes suited for any occasion. Intricate ornamental buttercream piping, handmade sugar Faberge egg toppers and glittering sugar flowers are only a few of the many unique options that can be used for the details.

Here is a list of other top wedding cake specialists in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.


613 York St, San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.821.1333

Sculpture meets sugar at San Francisco's wedding cake artisans specializing in custom wedding cakes and groom cakes.

Butterfly Cakes

216 California Dr, San Francisco CA; Tel. 650.344.6100

Called the "Kate Spade of wedding cakes" by San Francisco Magazine, these wedding cakes are works of in frosting: elegant, colorful and embellished with flowers.

Laurie Lucov Wedding Cakes

Tel. 707.338.2412

Featured in Bride's Magazine, Laurie Lucov's wedding cakes are visually stunning and come in unique flavors, like chocolate peanut butter praline cake.

I Dream of Cake

1351 Grant Ave, San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.989.2253

With a decidedly Asian flair including orchids and cherry blossoms, I Dream of Cake's wedding cakes are whimsical and romantic (and use only organic fruits).

Just Desserts

Tel. 415.602.9245

Founded in San Francisco, Just Dessert is a city favorite and offers a line of handcrafted wedding cakes with customized fillings.

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Cake Coquette

Cake Coquette

San Francisco Wedding & Specialty Cakes
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