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Treasure Island, San Francisco CA. An artificial island in the San Francisco Bay, Treasure Island lies between San Francisco and Oakland, and is connected to both by the bustling Bay Bridge, which has a pass-through on the adjoining Yerba Buena Island. This emerging San Francisco neighborhood was originally planned to be used as an airport, then it became a naval base during World War II, though it was decommissioned as a base and open to public control in 1996. Treasure Island has had a role in many major film and television productions, with many of the old aircraft hangars being used as sound stages and the island itself serving as a setting. In 2005, the massive Lennar Corporation proposed to build a self-sustaining city on Treasure Island, and the plan has so far been gaining support. The plan would bring 5,000 units of housing, restaurants, a ferry terminal, an organic farm, a wind farm, and—to keep the island as car-independent as possible—everything would be planned to be within a ten-minute walk of residential areas.

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