Plantosaurus Rex

Prehistoric Plants at the Conservatory of Flowers

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Step back in time Ö WAY back in time as the Conservatory of Flowers transports you to a real life land of the lost in its newest exhibition Plantosaurus Rex. Itís a prehistoric paradise of plants from the time of the dinosaurs when giant ferns, spiky horsetails and primitive cycads grew in lush abundance and fed many of the monstrous reptiles that roamed the earth millions of years ago. Under a canopy of conifers and Gingko, visitors encounter model dinosaurs like the armored Stegosaurus foraging for the vegetation they loved best while learning about the symbiotic relationship between ancient flora and fauna. But beware ó the predators have come to Golden Gate Park too! A giant T. rex has smashed through the roof of the Conservatory to look for potential snacks!

Inside the exhibition, a path through the past takes the curious on a fascinating journey along the timeline of plant evolution as the green, leafy Jurassic period gave way to an explosion of flowering plants in the Cretaceous. All visitors receive a free booklet guide with paid admission to help them navigate this fascinating story of prehistoric plants, complete with exhibit activity suggestions for young paleontologists.


Conservatory of Flowers
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