SOMA District Bars and Clubs


The energy in SOMA is young and adventurous—it's the industrial-swank side of San Francisco. Explore hideaway bars down alleyways like 330 Ritch, see the best bands touring San Francisco at Slim's or escape into one of San Francisco's most degenerate streets for Club Six and Mezzanine. Mix some art into the party at 111 Minna Gallery and dance all night long at 1015 Folsom and The End Up.

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Asia SF

201 9th Street, San Francisco CA 94103; Tel. 415.255.2742
Asia SF is a renowned restaurant and nightclub located in the heart of San Francisco's vibrant South of Market district. Comprised of a restaurant, lounge, bar and subterranean dance club, AsiaSF is a journey into exotic culinary and entertainment delights.


354 11th St. (at Folsom), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.863.5964
The birth of Butter was perhaps the peak moment in the White Trash revolution. More than a few tater tots and microwaved White Castle burgers are served up at this San Francisco bar's in-trailer kitchen, and can be gracefully washed down with a Pabst. Or a dram of Scotch. (Review: Michael Stabile)

Cat Club

1190 Folsom (at Eighth St.), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.431.3332
The spacious yet intimate Cat Club is divided into two large rooms. The front room features a lounge, espresso bar, big-screen tv, small stage, and a monthly art show. The back room has a wooden dance floor, bar, stage, elevated dj booth, an excellent sound system, and is fully equipped for live shows.

Club NV

525 Howard (at First St.), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.339.8686
This San Francisco dance club features two separate dance rooms, a multi level lounge, three bars, intimate VIP suites and private cabanas available for rental.

Club Six

60 Sixth St. (at Jessie), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.863.1221
This 6th Street nightclub is the closest manifestation of an underground party in an above-ground place. Décor is at a minimum. Water comes from an industrial size igloo at the end of the bar (that's right, no $5 water). The upstairs has a very nice, loft-like feel with lounge music playing (so as not to disturb the neighbors). The basement is like being at an underground rave: low ceilings, lasers, dark hallways and moist walls. Here you can find amazing entertainment with a friendly staff. That is a lot more than can be said for its neighbor down on Folsom St.

DNA Lounge

375 11th St. (between 11th and Harrison), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.626.1409
DNA Lounge features themed nights with two rooms hosted by rotating DJs pumping out similar styles of dance music. Live bands also take the stage on a regular basis.

Le Duplex

1525 Mission St. (at 11th), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.355.1525
An international roster of DJs make Le Duplex bounce and shake, but the vaulted ceiling, full mahogany bar and skywalk overlooking the bar are what makes this club unique.

The Endup

Sixth St. & Harrison, San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.357.0827
For a club that's been around since 1973 (and that's probably older than a lot of its patrons), the Endup is still popping after all these years. Unique amenities include a fireplace, heated outdoor deck and patio area with a waterfall.

Fat City

314 11th St (at Folsom), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.252.7666
A vibrant array of hot colors illuminate the dance floor at Fat City. The club also hosts an art gallery and rock concerts.

The Gallery Lounge

510 Brannan St. (at 4th), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.227.0449
Ultra hip art and even hipper patrons are why the Gallery Lounge has been chosen "best lounge" by San Francisco Magazine. The lounge holds regular DJ dance events on Thursdays and Fridays.

Glas Kat

520 Fourth St., San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.495.6620
Plush seating and vibrant colors highlight Glas Kat's upbeat and warm environment. With a full restaurant (including a tapas menu) and bar, dining, dancing and drinking come together at one location.

Holy Cow

1531 Folsom (at 11th), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.621.6087
Holy Cow's slogan is "never a cover, always a party." This club features DJ dance events all weekend, spinning everything from club classics to disco to hip-hop.

Kate O'Brien's

579 Howard (at Second St.), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.882.7240
On the weekends, Kate O'Brien's is a rowdy Irish pub, filled with spillover from the nearby 111 Minna Gallery and out-of-towners (the Bay Bridge is a block away). A small smoking patio and a traditional menu of hefty Irish fare keep Kate O'Brien's occupied all week long.

Loft 11

316 11th St. (at Folsom), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.701.8111
"Dine, dance, lounge" at Loft 11. Come early and partake in Pacific Fusion tapas, or show up fashionably late to dance the remainder of the evening, with regular themed dance nights Thursday through Saturday.

Manor West

750 Harrison St., San Francisco CA 94107; Tel. 415.240.7558
Manor West is an especially polished addition to SoMA’s club scene, containing two bars and local and international DJs that spin an eclectic mix of dance music while club-goers line the bronze-tinted halls.


444 Jessie (at Mint), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.820.9669
Mezzanine has the feel of a local's guarded secret. An industrial, multi-level space on an alley off Sixth Street, Mezzanine hosts a variety of music (including Noise Pop) and fashion events. With four bars, many rooms and an open-air smoking patio, Mezzanine is always popular.

111 Minna Street Gallery

111 Minna (at Second Street), San Francisco CA ; Tel. 415.974.1719
Nightclubbing is about a lot of things, but mostly it's about energy, and while this city is bursting with fine disco emporiums, in our opinion, the best is 111 Minna. The vibe is just better here -- you won't be frisked upon entering, the cover charge is never steep, and once inside you'll find a decidedly non-bridge-and-tunnelish, peaceful, hip crowd, some of the best electronic music in the city, and stylish art to boot. What the place lacks in some departments (sweaty people bumping into you on nights when world-class DJs spin) it more than makes up for in others (a liberal in-and-out policy, a no poseur-infested VIP room, shaken Martinis and Cosmos, and lime-perfect Margs). The music has expanded to sooth more than house fans: rock out on Friday Happy Hour at the Steen and Dave Showe, chilling on psychadelic wood furniture with the aforementioned shaken. If you can't feel it here, you probably never will.

330 Ritch

330 Ritch (at Townsend), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.541.9574
Located off Townsend between 3rd & 4th Street in the thriving South Beach /Soma area, 330 Ritch Street has been hosting events, receptions & clubnights for over a decade. Known for it's underground appeal, hipsters flock to this club 5 days a week for its various musical genres.

21st Amendment Brewpub & Café

563 Second St. (at De Boom), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.369.0900
An open, brick warehouse brewery in SOMA with simple, honest food. The grape soda is homemade, as is the impressive selection of strong-winded beers.


651 Howard St., San Francisco CA 94105; Tel. 415.227.0288
Enjoy a small plate or an expertly poured drink at ROE, SoMA’s boutique nightclub and lounge. ROE gives off a particularly cozy and elegant vibe with its dark wood furnishings and luxurious, plush seating while San Francisco’s best DJs man the decks until the wee hours of the morning.

The Room

101 6th St. (at Mission), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.278.0940
A bright spot in the Bay Area, The Room features soulful dance grooves from Wednesday through Saturday.

Power Exchange

74 Otis St (at Mission), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.487.9944
Self described as an "adult sexual play space," the Power Exchange is an open forum for desires of the legal crowd. The venue's website hosts personals ads and the club is open until the wee hours of the morning Thursday through Sunday.


333 11th St. (at Folsom), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.522.0333
A quintessential San Francisco live-music space with alt-pop, alt-country, alt-rock and any other alt you can think of. Afterwords, hit the grunge-glam South of Market bars for a post-ironic shot of Jagermeister.

The Stud

399 Ninth St. (at Harrison), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.252.7883
Fawn at singing trannys, sweat to swirling beats and chug that rum and Coke. The Stud changes parties nightly but is always on target. Crowds of devilishly cute boys, kick ass ladies and nip-and-tuck gendernauts drink 'til blackout in this South of Market home. (Review: Michael Stabile)


657 Harrison St (at 3rd), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.348.0900
Supperclub is an international venue. Literally. There are Supperclub sites in Amsterdam and Rome, plus clubs are in the works for London and Singapore. In San Francisco, the club is a dinner and dance venue all in one, open Tuesday through Sunday from 6:30pm until 2am. It is a unique experience where on any given night there could be an aerial dancer, DJ and massage therapist all there to entertain Supperclub's guests.


540 Howard St., San Francisco CA 94105; Tel. 415.978.9942
Not only is Temple nightclub interested in greening its entertainment, food, and hospitality services, it is one of SoMA’s most happening venues for art, music and dance.

Ten 15 Folsom

1015 Folsom (at Sixth St.), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.431.1200
The line at this San Francisco mega-club is daunting, but after you've been frisked by the doorman and made it past the bouncer, the multi-floored dance music mecca reveals its booming base grandeur.


77 Natoma St., San Francisco CA 94105; Tel. 415.222.6131
A gorgeous new art gallery (the red brick exterior is pure maritime San Francisco) and wine and beer space in SoMa, off an alley near Minna Street Gallery and owned by a crafty bunch of Oakland metal welders and artists.


1539 Folsom St. (at 11th St.), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.278.9474
Ever wonder what happened to the rave scene? Well, at least some of those party people grew up and are hanging out at places like Wish. They dress a little nicer and drink fancier cocktails but they still love to dance to great house music. The location and naked concrete ambiance give the place an industrial mood, but velvet curtains, wine-colored walls and huge mirrors make it more of a pimped loft than the underground basement parties of yesteryear.


181 Third St. (at Howard), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.817.7836
The swank lobby bar of SOMA's hip W Hotel, XYZ features signature cocktails, young, professional bartenders and a well-heeled mix of locals and hotel guests chatting in the dim lights listening to mellow, ambient grooves.
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