Castro District Bar and Clubs


If San Francisco is the unofficial capital of the gay and lesbian universe, the Castro District serves as its shining star. With neon lights and chi-chi bars filled with gorgeous people, the area is both picturesque and definitive of its residents. Karaoke bars are wildly popular where booze-fueled duets are produced nightly and bikers run rampant along some of the cleanest city streets. Castro also has superb late night munchies from slices of piping hot pizza to cheeseburgers to the 24-hour diner Orphan Andy's.

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The Cafe

2367 Market St (at Castro), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.861.3846
No cover. Strong drinks. Super-gay top 40 dance mixes that bring scraggly-haired lesbians and boys who buy their youth at the tanning salon. It doesn't get much more Castro than this.


1666 Market Street, San Francisco California 94102; Tel. 415.437.1770
Bare incandescent bulbs drop from above next to stainless steel ceiling fans while up tempo dance music comes through the airwaves. This "Wine Bar & Kitchen" has substance too; as the name suggests, the menu features all things French from small production appellations to exquisite charcuterie. To top it all off, an eager and attentive staff will keep you in the lap of luxury guaranteeing a return trip to this trendy San Francisco wine bar.

440 Castro

440 Castro St (at 18th St.), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.621.8732
Yes, that leather-clad San Francisco silver fox with an obscenely prominent package is, as you might have suspected, tugging at his chaps for you.


4 Valencia St. (at Market), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.241.0205
Don't let this San Francisco gay bar's funereal front, with its large and lilied flower arrangement, get you down. Have a double martini (that's the only size they come in here) and settle into the back room where a piano man and his singing muse will gather the crowd for a bittersweet rendition of "The Man Who Got Away." Ain't it the truth, ain't it the truth.


3600 16th St. (at Market), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.431.0306
Upscale, unpretentious neighborhood bar in the heart of the Castro. Second story bar has ceiling to floor glass windows and a one-of-a-kind wrap around deck to watch the world go by.

The Mint

1942 Market (at Duboce), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.626.4726
Don't mess with the Mint. While Friday nights are generally packed with post-work parties and birthdays, most nights the karaoke performances bring down the house. Think American Idol, minus the talend level, yet sponsored by the vodka industry.

The Pilsner Inn

225 Church St (at Market), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.621.7058
This San Francisco gay bar is the default starting and ending point of any good tour of the Castro. Ring-necked collars belly (or perhaps, ab up), to this no nonsense bar with a cruisey back patio.

Twin Peaks Tavern

401 Castro Street (at Market), San Francisco CA; Tel. 415.864.9470
Older men, younger men. Guess who's buying? A Moroccan-pillowed triangular space with plate glass windows and a bar stocked with casual elegance and casual encounters. Located conveniently on Market and Castro, at the foot of the San Francisco gay bar scene.
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