Castro District


Gritty and unrepentant, the stretch of 6th Street between Market and Folsom Streets is at once the hippest and most decrepit section of San Francisco.

Lined with single-room occupancy hotels, liquor stores and donut shops, San Francisco's 6th Street is a magnet for crack addicts and homeless San Franciscans; it is literally the street where you'll most like hear, "John, first thing we gotta do is get you some methadone (heroin replacement drug)." But, aside from vagrancy and the occasional waft of urine, local residents enjoy cheap rent and a central San Francisco location.

For most, 6th Street is a speedway for motorists en route to the freeway. But for those willing to brave 6th Street at night (it's sometimes dangerous and unsightly), the reward is unbridled hipness. There are a few cool bars, art galleries and street art (not to mention the best Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco - Tu Lan) San Francisco's 6th Street is a unique place. Just watch your back.

Explore Sixth Street: Bars and Clubs