Muscleboys, Twinks and Bears – Oh My!

A Bold Look at How We Look.

Wed May 20, 2009
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
7pm - 9pm
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The Community Initiative presents a town forum called “Muscleboys, Twinks and Bears – Oh My! A Bold Look at How We Look.”

Wednesday May 20th 7 - 9:00 PM
4th Floor Ceremonial Room
LGBT Center
1800 Market Street, San Francisco

Local singer-performer Tom Orr (“Dirty Little Showtunes”) will be moderating/hosting the evening and performing some musical numbers on themes of body image and appearance in the gay male community.

There will be special participation by local dragtress Trauma Flintstone and popular gay porn performer Derrick Hanson.

The May 20 town forum will focus on some of the issues around body image/type/pressure and their effects on our community. We'll be looking at how body issues affect us as gay men, how they impact our relationships, and whether these issues weaken or empower us as men and as a community.

Moderator: Tom Orr Tom Orr is an award-winning lyricist, playwright, performer and producer, best known as the dirty mind behind “Dirty Little Showtunes”. He lives in San Francisco.

Trauma Flintstone will make a special appearance, performing “What Makes A Man A Man” by Charles Aznavour. Mrs. Flintstone, dragtress and femme-ce, has been performing professionally in San Francisco since 1993. She is the alter-ego of local musician Joe Wicht. Flintstone/Wicht also serves on the panel, bringing the “older gay male” angle and the “butch/femme” angle to the discussion.

Other panelists include:

Derrick Hanson is a well-known performer in gay porn films and winner of numerous GayVN awards and nominations. He holds a BA in psychology from SFSU with minors in Human Sexuality and GLBT Studies, and is a certified HIV/STI Counselor/Tester, Outreach Worker and Group Facilitator. Derrick works at St. James Infirmary in San Francisco, the world’s first and only free health and social service clinic for sex workers.

Mark M. Peterson-Estrada, M.A. is a spiritual counselor, Certified Reiki Master and Somatic Practitioner. He frequently speaks at Queer Studies Programs at universities and colleges. He appears in the documentary on gay men, body image and eating disorders “Do I Look Fat.”

Phil Siegel has lived in San Francisco for 26 years and has done publicity for many gay and AIDS non-profits. A self-identified bear who socializes at the Lone Star, he did the visibility program for last year’s Hairrison Street Fair.

Patrick Baressi, M.P.H., is a public health educator, community organizer, and personal trainer in San Francisco. Website:

Blue Buddha is an artist, activist, student, and African-American queer man committed to bringing awareness into the world.

Smoake Man is a young African-American man who describes himself as skinny. He is an HIV counselor, a recruiter at the AIDS Office, and a full-time student.

For information call 415.820.9606

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  1. San Francisco LGBT Community Center
    1800 Market St, San Francisco, CA