Love Me Love My Poncho

Fashion Show & Swap

Sun Jan 15, 2012
Dolores Park
2:00 p.m.
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You love ponchos, we love ponchos. Now at last comes an event to celebrate the single most important item recently acquired into haute couture. Love Me, Love My Poncho is a fashion show for San Francisco and all poncho lovers who appreciate the subtle art of the wearable blanket. The event will take place in the historic Dolores Park at 14:00 hours. Anyone wearing any poncho is welcome to participate. Celebrity judges will be on hand to rate the ponchos on a scale of 1-10 taking into account audience approval or disapproval. Fashion photographers will be in place to snap your moment of poncho fashion fame. The winner will receive a fabulous prize. Following the event, there will be a big queer clothing swap.



Big Queer Clothing Swap Rules:
1. Bring your best, most fabulous exchangeable items in wearable condition and a blanket to put them on.
2. Swap with your neighbors, friends, and that hot person with the nose ring.
3. We recommend having a "free" pile for anything that might not be swap worthy.
4. Take all your items with you at the end of the day, or feel the wrath of mother earth.
5. Folks who are neither big nor queer are still welcome to participate.



  1. Dolores Park
    Dolores at 19th Street, San Francisco, CA