Santa Cruz Chamber Players

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Chamber Music Lives On

Sat May 5, 2012
Christ Lutheran Church
3:00 PM
$5 - $12


For those who think Chamber Music may be a lost or dying art, take note: Chamber Music is alive and well and more popular than ever among the youth of Santa Cruz County. Part of the reason for this may very well be The Santa Cruz Chamber Players’ Celebrating Youth (CY) program, which has been introducing and teaching the art of chamber music to Jr. High and High school students for the past eight years.

Fourteen extremely talented young musicians will be performing music by Mozart, Taneiev, Schumann, Mendelssohn, and Beethoven, among others. Groups range from 2 to 4 players, and include strings, piano, flute and saxophone.

This year’s performers are Christina Dooka, Sophia O’Malley-Krohn, Deanna Dawson, Janette Cheng, and Amelia Rupp on violin; Tyler Hayford and Anna Thiemann on viola; Macy Tolleson and Marc Picard on cello; Emily Szasz on flute; Alex Condotti on Saxopone; and Lucas Hahn, Natalya Dreszer, Christina Gasparich and Tyler Hayford on piano.

The ensembles have been rehearsing together since last November, and each group has been coached by several of Santa Cruz County’s finest music educators. During their time in CY, these students have learned the virtues of working together as a group, listening to each other, staying in tempo with each other (without the aid of a conductor), working out problem spots together and listening to one another’s suggestions. These are the sorts of virtues that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, and use in all kinds of situations – both musical and non-musical.

This year CY has been led by long-time Santa Cruz performer and music educator, Ivan Rosenblum, who initiated the program in the fall of 2004. Rosenblum taught music and education at UCSC for 10 years, and now maintains a studio where he teaches piano to his own private students.

"As a lifelong chamber music enthusiast and player, I am delighted to be working with these talented students, who by their participation in the CY program are helping to keep chamber music alive in the 21st century,” stated Rosenblum. “I feel that chamber music is particularly relevant to young adults because it values the importance of developing and maintaining your own individual "voice" but within a group setting where everyone merges and works together."

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