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Expressions of life by illustrator and painter Archana Haranahalli.

Lynne August

Bold, fresh, and original geometric abstract paintings by a widely collected emerging artist.

Sue Averell

This San Francisco artist's paintings and drawings have been included in collections in Switzerland, France, Germany, Thailand, Singapore and the United States. Her "Golden City" series of pastel drawings focuses on San Francisco.

James Xavier Barbour

Barbour is an instructor of Anatomy, Figure Drawing and Art History at the San Francisco's Academy of Art College and is a professional painter and sculptor.

Jud Bergeron

Master of metal, San Francisco Bay Area artist Jud Bergeron takes metal and patina to an abstract level.

Tesia Blackburn

This San Francisco-based artist creates colorful, bold abstract paintings and monotypes.

Brandi Brooks

A San Francisco painter who began as a sculptor. She favors oil paint because of its density. She cites music, books, travel, street life, fashion and pop culture as influences in her work.

Jonah Burlingame

San Francisco abstract painter whose work combines organic color textures with formal structural elements.

Joe Cariati

Clean lines, paint and blown glass characterize the visual work of this San Francisco artist.

Anna L. Conti

A painter based in San Francisco's Sunset District. San Francisco itself is a frequent subject of her paintings. The San Francisco Examiner once said, "The interplay of color and light is the driving force behind Conti's paintings of San Francisco."

Vera Costa

This artist says her works are inspired by the human body, "especially the inside view of that and the transient cycle of life." She uses styrofoam to shape organic forms that she glues on canvas or board to create hybrid paintings, often rendered in a red or white palette.

David DeRosa

A classically trained San Francisco artist whose work is "an attempt at reaching the individual, to help them listen and start to see the world that's beyond the boundaries of an ever narrowing scope of perception."

Thomasin Dewhurst

A South African figurative artist who paints in a representative and somewhat expressive (as opposed to impressionistic) style.

NoMe (Nome Edonna)

Aligning the street and the gallery, NoMe, part of San Francisco's New Mission School art movement, draws influences from Surrealism, 80s graffiti and Art Nouveau.

Karina Figueroa

A San Francisco artist whose work includes tattoos and oil portraits.

Rebecca Fox

A San Francisco artist who creates welded steel sculptures.

Taiko Fujimura

A San Francisco mixed media artist who works with wood, paints, plexiglas, mirrors and found objects. She creates conceptual two- and three-dimensional collage and assemblage works, as well as paintings on rice paper and canvas.

Doze Green

Aligned with the Bay Area's Future Primitive Sound System, San Francisco-based artist Doze Green has a distinctive and contemporary urban style that bridges the gaps between music and visuals.

Josh Hagler

A San Francisco-based fine art illustrator and multimedia artist.


A San Francisco photographer who mixes various medias and specializes in intimate and sensual portfolio development.

Nicole Hanusek

A San Francisco-based illustrator and web designer.


A San Francisco painter who also does photography and mixed media. On his site, he writes, "I love the physicality of painting, the connection of getting involved in a bodily manner. I enjoy making pieces that result from large gestural movements and physical interactions with the medium."

Pilar Erika Johnson

This "superstar illustrator" creates hip, funky, and colorful digital illustrations. A member of the San Francisco Society of Illustrators, her clients include The Fillmore, California Department of Health, Charles Schwab, HP and others. You can often find her on Haight Street getting inspiration for her next piece.

Jay Lasnik

A San Francisco-based portrait painter working in acrylics.

Lo-Fi Customs

A group of San Francisco artists creating subversive T-shirts and gear and voted the "Best Little Lowbrow, Bike-Obsessed, Punk Rock Fashion Boutique" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.


A self-taught Bay Area illustrator, painter and writer whose comics artwork has appeared in Action Girl Comics, The Comics Journal, Not My Small Diary, Indiefly, Pet Noir and her own self-published zine, estrus.

Jayson Arthur McCauliff

A San Francisco artist who uses LEGO bricks to paint "'low res' classic themes."

Mystic Moon Prints

The online gallery of fine art photographer Danielle Monique Dube and artist Ulysses.

Zannah Noe

A San Francisco painter/photographer who has created paintings from her photographs. Her studio is located at Hunters Point.

Sirron Norris

Architect of Cartoon Literalism, a front runner of San Francisco's New Mission School art movement and the youngest San Francisco artist ever interviewed by San Francisco's prestigious forum for culture, art and politics, the Commonwealth Club.

Dale Perkins

A San Francisco artist whose favorite media is watercolor and is "determined to paint San Francisco as no one has ever done."

Kristiana Spaulding

A San Francisco art jeweler and fine artist, with a special affinity for her 1967 Airstream trailer, open to the public every year for San Francisco's Open Studios.

Jen Speigle

A San Francisco artist who describes her artwork as a compilation of everyday things that visually inspire her: "I interpret subjects and scenes to canvas because I love the simplicity of a time of day or the expression on a person's face. Every image is emulated from my own photography."

Miya Ando Stanoff

An Oakland-based minimalist metalworker who uses steel and pigment to create quiet, introspective environments.

David Star

A San Francisco artist creating collages with hemp-based materials.

Jeremy Sutton

A San Francisco artist who mainly does expressive portraiture and collage portrayals. Subjects who have sat for him include Barry Bonds, Willie Mays and Willie Brown.

Skye Thorstenson

Artist and experimental filmmaker Skye Thorstenson explores themes like alienation, identity crisis, body dysmorphia and urban anxiety, using bright primary colors, melodramatic gestures and an absurdist sense of humor.

Kelly Tunstall

Whimsical and intriguing, the young Kelly Tunstall's unique style explores the icons and vices of femininity (her recent show at San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery was entitled "Princesses, Ballerinas and Strippers") and arrives at a visual expression that moves beyond gender.

Melissa Wagner

A San Francisco artist whose paintings are inspired by her background in scientific illustration and biological studies.
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